Picnic inspired shoots are so fun! It’s a great way to snap some beautiful and playful shots with your friends or to feature product you sell like me! This photo shoot took a little bit of planning but was so worth it and I am here to tell you the best tips and tricks for your next picnic shoot!


1. Get Inspired 

First things first. Get inspiration. Gathering inspiration will help paint a clearer picture in your head how you want your photos to look. I like to use Pinterest to gather inspiration! I would create a whole new Pinterest board dedicated to your photo shoot inspo. 

2. Make a List 

Create a list of objects you would like to be in your background! Pick what fits your style. For picnic inspired photos, I would suggest putting a sheet or blanket at the top of your list! 

here is my list of props I brought with me: 

• Large white sheet (rocks for weight)

• Basket 

• Apples 

• Grapefruit 

• Strawberries 

• Oranges 

• Grapes 

• Grapefruit Juice 

• Wine Glass 

• Strawberry Cake 

• Book or Magazine 

• Wood cutting board/ Platter 

• Dried flowers 

Other items you could include: 

• Prepared Charcuterie Board

• Champagne 

• Champagne glasses 

• Fresh Flowers 

• Boho Pillows 

• Sandals For Prop


3. Outfits Planning

Outfit planning is a big part of creating content. Photo shoots go much smoothly if you plan outfit ahead of time! Pick which completed looks you want to wear and pack them neatly to take! 

For my picnic shoot, I had plenty of floral looks I wanted to feature. My favorite look was a white and blue floral midi dress. There is just something about wearing a midi dress for a picnic! 

4. Pack Up and Scope Out Your Spot!

If you are bringing food, it is best to prepare before you go! I sliced the oranges and grapefruits at my house and displayed the apples in my picnic basket. Bring a cooler if you need! 

Pick a location and scope it out! There are so many parks to choose from in the Kansas City area but I personally like to take pictures when it is more secluded. I went to a wildlife preserve area that had several lake spots! You can pick an area with trees, an open field, or if you know of any pretty fields of flowers! 

5. Setup


First, test your lighting and angles. Lay out your blanket before you place your props! Take a few test shots. Once you have found your perfect angle, time to setup your picnic! Remember, you don’t have to use every prop you have. Play around with placement to see what you like! 

6. Have an Open Mind and HAVE FUN! 

If I am being totally honest, rarely do my photo shoots go exactly as planned but the cool thing is the photos usually turn out even better than I had planned! I promise your photos will turn out so much better if you relax and have fun with it! Make it your own and go with the flow. Below is how my picnic photos turned out!